Duckrabbit mentored production training programmes allow you to build your production capability quickly at the same time as delivering a high quality output.

The duckrabbit team can design and provide a package of training judged for your skill level and then mentor you intensively through the production process of your film.

We’ll coach you through pre-production, the location shoot and post-production, dramatically building your skills and enabling you to deliver high quality results.

Case Study - TNS BMRB

TNS-BMRB are one of the world’s leading social research agencies for UK and international policy-makers. They produce a wide variety of research reports, statistics and policy analysis for their government, private sector and charity clients.

TNS wanted to add film-making to their tool-kit of techniques that they use to present the results of their research and analysis.

We worked with a team of talented qualitative researchers from the TNS London office who were producing a report for the UK government Department of Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS).

In the first phase of the project we trained the team in digital storytelling techniques, including story selection, editorial approaches to film-making and technical skills in recording, photography and editing.

In phase 2 of the project we worked intensively with four selected members of the team who took on the role of Director/Producer for a film illustrating the BIS report. We mentored them through character selection, shoot planning, the location shoot and post-production.

Four films were made and delivered to the UK government client for use on their online networks.

Case Study - The Times

We worked intensively with a journalist/photographer team from The Times to cover a story for the The Times Online about maternal health care in the UK.

We trained the journalist/photographer team in London in developing narrative for photofilms, audio recording and edit and production, building on their existing professional skills and developing their capability to produce multimedia.

Then we led them through the location shoot and the post production workflow, completing a film which was released on The Times Online in conjunction with a written feature article.