Storytelling is at the heart of everything we do at duckrabbit

For the past 10 years we’ve worked with clients (with a focus in the charity sector), agencies and political organisations to tell powerful, personal stories to raise money, campaign and to sell

Our training is designed to arm you with practical tools, to make sure you take your audience’s brain on a wonderful chemical journey of influence and persuasion every time you meet them

Who this training is for


This course is for anyone looking to leverage the power of authentic story content to campaign, fundraise and sell


  • Clients
    • Brand, marketing, PR & comms. Delivering business objectives, shaping campaigns, buying & selling work
    • Creatives. Ideas, scripts, production, selling work
    • Production. Interviewing, shooting, editing


  • Agency
    • Creatives
    • In-house production
    • Hybrid AMs/producers


  • Campaigners
    • Politicians
    • Party press officers

What they’ll get


  • Why storytelling has a unique ability to influence


  • Understand story structure & building blocks


  • Cast iron structure & process to create powerful stories


  • A model to understand points of failure in your own content


  • A clear and repeatable story workflow from intent to impact


  • Confidence creating, selling & buying future work


  • Online Training 4-6 participants per course. 3 x 2 hour sessions online
  • Boot camp Up to 12 participants.  1 day face-to-face

How it Works

Whether online or face-to-face we deliver the course with a mixture of lecture, discussion and group exercises that will give you practical skills to create story impact for your organisation

You’ll learn that effective storytelling is not just a role for those blessed with mercurial creative genius, it’s a skill that can be learnt, practised and repeated

This course focuses on film because it’s what people are watching online, and it’s the most powerful emotionally. We’ll specifically cover longer (1-3mins) and shorter stories (down to 30”) and we’ll reference other media such as Instagram and Twitter

From experience there isn’t time to cover more, however, if you have specific media requests let us know and we’ll try to accommodate

To find out more about our courses get in touch