Storytelling is at the heart of everything we do at duckrabbit.  

Duckrabbit storytelling training is a practical course that gives you the tools to influence, persuade and affect behaviour through story design and construction, allowing you to analyse your own story content, identify points of failure and build future content for maximum impact.

Storytelling Boot Camp

There is not a more powerful tool to influence, persuade and affect behaviour.  And yet time and time again, we see
content from some of the world’s leading brands and agencies that demonstrate a lack of understanding of how to design and construct an effective story.

We’ve distilled a decade of telling the stories of our clients from every corner of the globe into a day of theory and practical work that we guarantee will leave you inspired about the possibilities.

This course is fiercely practical and will leave your organisation with a model and a workflow for story design and construction that allows you to analyse your own story content, identify points of failure and build future content for maximum impact.

Who is it for?

Anyone looking to leverage the power of authentic story content to achieve results.   We’ve worked with charity communication departments, advertising agencies and political parties to instil the story model and workflow into their content plan to raise money, campaign and sell.

We’ll design a bespoke programme for your organisation but elements we typically cover include:

  •  The science of storytelling.  What do stories do to our brain and why they have the power to affect our decision-making
  • Story structure.  Why an understanding of structure defines success
  • Common mistakes.  Epic brand fails and how to avoid them
  • A model for story analysis and design
  • Building a story workflow into your organisation’s communications
  • The art of story gathering
  • Review of your content

How it Works

We’ll do this with a mixture of lecture, discussion and practical group exercises that will give you the skills to create story impact for your organisation.  

We’ll use appropriate examples as well as some that might surprise you, from billion-view music videos to assault rifle advertisements.   

We’ll explain why it is that some films, books, TV programmes stick with you forever and why you find yourself welling up during an episode of Gordon Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares.

We promise you an engaging, entertaining but very practical experience that builds your organisation’s capability.  Storytelling is not just a role for those blessed with mercurial creative genius, it’s a skill that can be learnt, practised and repeated.

To find out more about our courses get in touch.