Two-Day Mini-Documentary Production Workshop


This unique 2-day workshop transports you to the heart of a film set and is designed for anyone wanting to get to grips with the art of mini-documentary film making.

This workshop goes far beyond the usual classroom format and gives you the chance to watch and work alongside film-makers on a specially created set.

From brief to wrap party we will take you through the pleasure and pain of designing and delivering high quality short documentary films to even the most demanding of clients.

Skills Taught.

  • Dealing with a difficult brief
  • Pre-planning a production
  • The building blocks of story
  • Essential equipment
  • Interviewing skills
  • Lighting and camera set up for interviews
  • Recording broadcast quality audio for video interviews and in the field
  • Shooting quality B-roll and sequences
  • Directing a team

Course Dates.

Due to COVID we’ve had to put our mini-doc workshop schedule on hold.

We very much hope to resume normal service in 2021.

Day One

  • What is a mini-doc and what skills do I need to make one?
  • Working a client brief into a shoot plan – including real life examples
  • Understanding the storytelling approach
  • Film planning – logistics, research, preparing guests storyboarding
  • How to direct – managing crew. client and guests
  • Interview set up – camera, audio, lighting

Day Two

  • Interviewing techniques 
  • Shooting for the edit – how to film quality b-roll and sequences
  • Kit review – what you need to make a film
  • Applying lessons learned to future work
  • Wrap Party – You deserve a drink!