Storytelling is at the heart of everything we do at duckrabbit. We train clients, agencies & political organisations to tell powerful, personal stories.

Who we are

We’re ex-BBC documentary filmmakers based in London.

Over the last 10 years we’ve won many awards internationally & our films have been shown to Barack Obama and The Queen.

We also train journalists & photographers. Their work has featured on the BBC, The Observer, TIME, The New York Times & National Geographic.

Using Story to Influence is for

  • Clients
    Brand, marketing, PR & comms
  • Agency
    – Creatives
    – In-house production
    – Hybrid AMs/producers
  • Campaigners
    – Politicians
    – Party press officers

What they’ll get

  • Why storytelling has a unique ability to influence
  • Understand story structure & building blocks
  • Cast iron structure & process to create powerful stories
  • A model to understand your own points of failure
  • A clear, repeatable story workflow from intent to impact
  • Confidence creating, selling & buying future work

How it Works

  • We arm you with practical tools, to make sure the training is useful long after the session has ended
  • We mix lecture, discussion and group exercises to learn, apply & embed new ideas
  • We focus on film because it’s what people are watching online & it’s the most powerful emotionally. We cover longer (1-3mins) &  shorter stories (down to 30”) &  reference other media such as Instagram and Twitter.
  • Online Training 4-6 participants. 3 x 2.5 hour sessions
  • Boot Camp Up to 12 participants. 1 day face-to-face

To find out more about our courses get in touch