IT’S TIME – EU cyberbullying campaign EPP Group

After the death of her daughter to suicide Jackie Fox fought to make online bullying criminal in Ireland. Against all the odds Coco’s Law became a reality in 2021.

That’s not enough for Jackie.

Now she’s taking her campaign to the European Union.



Filmed by duckrabbit for the EPP Group, Europe’s largest political group, It’s Time was launched by Jackie in the EU parliament. The impact of the film, alongside Jackie’s powerful speech that day, galvanised the leadership of the EPP Group.

Two weeks later a debate in Strasbourg was tabled gaining cross party support for a new European law.

The film generated a huge amount of media coverage and went organically viral on Tik-Tok (1.3 million views).

Director Benjamin Chesterton

Videographer Chris Keenan, Benjamin Chesterton

Producer Benjamin Chesterton

Assistant Producer Sara Leigh Acedo

Executive Producer Fiona Kearns (EPP Group)

Executive Producer  Peter Rudge