Double Joy The Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Trust

In a remote parts of Kenya where eye-care services are nearly non-existent and thousands of people are suffering from preventable blindness, Dr Hilary Rono is changing lives. With the help of brand new technology called PEEK, a portable eye examination kit which allows smartphones to be used as a diagnostic tool, Dr Rono is one of a growing number of eye care specialists who are now able to identify eye problems before it’s too late, giving hundreds of people a chance at a new life.

‘Double Joy’ was shot in Kenya for the Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Trust who are working towards the elimination of avoidable blindness across the Commonwealth.

Director: Benjamin Chesterton

Videographer: Benjamin Chesterton, Chris Keenan

Producer: Benjamin Chesterton

Music: Will McPherson, Adam Skinner, Dan Skinner, Jeremy Sherman, Patrick Hawes, Chris Blackwell, Olive Musique