Shot in war torn Ukraine Together Everything is the centrepiece film for World Jewish Relief’s annual fundraising dinner.

Together Everything shows the brutal consequences of war through the story of three people whose lives are upturned by Russia’s brutality.

Screened to a sell out audience at London’s historic Roundhouse the film  helped raise over £1.5 million on the night.

Together Everything is the tenth film duckrabbit has produced for World Jewish Relief’s annual fundraising dinner.

Year after year we’ve proven the best partners to move their audience to action.

To date duckrabbit campaign films for World Jewish Relief have helped raise well over £5 million.

Director: Benjamin Chesterton

Videographer:  Dominic Joyce, Benjamin Chesterton,

Producer/Editor: Benjamin Chesterton

Assistant Editor: Samuel Chesterton

Translator/Ukraine Producer: Ekaterina Mitiaev

Executive Producer: Peter Rudge

Executive Producer WRJ:  Sam Pearl