Graham Trott (who made this) is a genius.  duckrabbit salutes you Graham.

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  • joe

    right on the [email protected] money

  • too right

    i like this one as well

  • Haha top marks!

  • right on the f==king NO money.

    btw – credit for the script should go to Graham Trott, a UK based commercial/editorial photographer.


  • HAHAHAHA that is too funny, just came off the phone from a company that just did exactly that… hihii… that makes this even more hilarious!

  • JR

    I hadn’t realised it was Trotty who did this-absolute genius and so true to life it hurts.
    My only criticism is that Graham left out the bit where Robo-photographer has to take the
    client to the small claims court to get the fifty quid.

  • FANTASTIC – This could be written for the training Industry as well. Substitute Photographer for Associate Trainer. Keep up the great work.

  • Hilarious! A little bit of a lag in some spots, but great shit!

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