IT’S TIME – EU cyberbullying campaign.

EPP Group

duckabbit's hard-hitting campaign film for Europe's biggest political party to criminalise online bullying across the EU.

Be Here – Christmas Campaign.

Anthony Nolan

When 11-month-old Pixie was rushed into hospital on Christmas Eve, no one knew what was wrong with her. When she was diagnosed with a potentially terminal blood disease, a stem cell transplant was her only chance

Not Good Enough for My Son.

The ERA Foundation

Sol Ryan had to have his arm amputated 10 days after he was born. When his father Ben saw the prosthetics that were available for small children, he knew that it wasn’t good enough for his son


World Jewish Relief

Shot in war torn Ukraine, Together Everything is the centrepiece film for World Jewish Relief's annual fundraising dinner at London's historic Roundhouse.

Someone to Kill.

Institute for Strategic Dialogue

When the towers of New York’s World Trade Centre collapsed in flames on 9/11, neo-Nazi Canadian Daniel Gallant at first thought it was his group that was responsible. It was the start of a racial holy war.

Stronger than the Storms.

Christian Aid

Vilia lost her home and her mother in the Haiti earthquake of 2010.

A Positive Life.

The International HIV/AIDS Alliance

When Ugandan teenager Daphine discovered that she was HIV positive, she thought that she would never get anyone to love her and never get married.  She thought that HIV positive people never gave birth and could never be happy.


Institute for Strategic Dialogue

Adam Deen joined the Islamist extremist organisation, al-Muhajiroun, whilst at university in London. He rose to become one of its senior members, under Omar Bakri Muhammed.

A Risk Worth Taking.

The ERA Foundation

Richard Browning grew up making model aeroplanes with his aeronautical engineer father. Now he's taking flight engineering technology to the next level.

God Will See Us Through.

Christian Aid

God Will See Us Through was shot in Sierra Leone and produced as the centrepiece film for Christian Aid Week 2019

World Jewish Relief Annual Fundraising Film.

World Jewish Relief

We follow World Jewish Relief supporter, Dan Newton, as he travels to Lviv in Ukraine to see the work of World Jewish Relief first hand. He meets several people who receive assistance from World Jewish Relief, including Clara who, as a child, miraculously survived the siege of Leningrad.

Higher, Further, Faster….

The ERA Foundation

Inspired by his skydiving grandfather, Aerospace Engineer Angelo Grubisic fell in love with the high-risk sport of wingsuit BASE jumping. He’s using his engineering knowledge to apply aeronautical principles to this extreme sport.

Double Joy.

The Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Trust

In a remote parts of Kenya where eye-care services are nearly non-existent and thousands of people are suffering from preventable blindness, Dr Hilary Rono is changing lives.

Iceland is Growing New Forests for the First Time in 1000 Years.


The landscape of Iceland has changed enormously over the last thousand years. Rapid deforestation to make way for farming has resulted in massive soil erosion that puts the island at risk of desertification. Today, the Icelandic Forest Service has taken on the mammoth task of bringing back the woodlands.


Institute for Strategic Dialogue

With the recent terrorist attack at a Berlin Christmas market refugees living in Germany have never been under such political and social scrutiny.

Be Like Water.

Institute for Strategic Dialogue

Fleeing the war in Somalia with her mother, Fowzia is forced to grow up with the challenge of being seen as ‘different’. Kids can be cruel but Fowzia discovers strength and resilience in some peculiarly powerful places.

Some Father’s Son.

Institute for Strategic Dialogue

Billy McCurrie was 12 years old when his father was killed by the IRA. At 16, consumed with anger, Billy joined the Ulster Volunteer Force (UVF). A year later he got his chance to kill.

Strictly Beza.

International HIV/AIDS Alliance

How do you get messages about safe sex and HIV prevention out to young people in a country where more than half the population is under the age of 24 and cultural attitudes make it difficult for the subject to be discussed openly?