£50 says neither Labour nor the Tories have used this picture legally.
Seriously…prove otherwise and I’ll give you the cash. This really is the sort of excretia that will happen every day if the ridiculous DEB clause 43 goes through. No-one bothered to look properly for the IPTC data, and contact details etc..they just lifted the pic, then ran with it. Nowt unusual there you say…happens every day…..but in this case it’s the Labour party and the Tories who are guilty. I could be wrong of course…cash waiting…
Get over to top snapper Jeremy Nicholl’s blog and have a decent read up of this fiasco.
As Jezza says:
“The poster manages to break just about every rule in the intellectual property handbook, and with entirely predictable results. Glenister (the actor) has apparently said he is unhappy about the use of his image for political purposes. Doubtless lawyers for German car maker Audi will be interested in how one of their products came to be used to promote a British political party. And BBC chiefs are reportedly “furious” at the misuse: “we would never have given permission for any political use of one of our programmes,” one senior executive is reported as saying.

Quick, define irony: the BBC, one of the main proponents of a bill to allow them to use other people’s images in ways they didn’t envisage without permission or payment, is furious that somebody has taken a BBC image and used it in a way the BBC didn’t envisage without permission or payment.”

As he says…you couldn’t make it up. Such a shame too…I really thought for a moment that ‘Dave’ Cameron really wore snakeskin boots. Balls.

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