Street photography now

Great piece over yonder about street photography.

A new book, Street Photography Now, edited by photographer Stephen McLaren and Director of the School of Life, Sophie Howarth examines the role of the street photographer in society, through the work of 46 contemporary photographers.

Awesome pic on there by Matt Stuart, I love it

After you’ve had a read of that, why not join the street photography now website, it looks like a great idea…it’s a collaboration between Sophie Howarth and Stephen McLaren, editors of the above mentioned book, and The Photographers’ Gallery .

Each week there will be a new instruction, and photographers are invited to submit images to match the theme..

First instruction:

EDIT on above…there seems to be a bit of confusion on there about which pics you can submit..,the idea is very clear…effectively the above #1 is an instruction, so you have a week to shoot a pic to that theme. No trawling your archive like I have done below.

Ok…Any excuse to wheel out an old pic…I can’t say you can smell the street on this one…this time I have taken the precaution of embedding a subtle watermark, just to make sure, and I have been VERY clear in my metadata…..you never know who’s watching…

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