… that speaks for itself.

Here is my analysis on Towell’s his soon-to-get-his-$12,000 project.

Towell Kickstarter Analysis

Here is the same thing with the most successful project I see on Kickstarter.

Other Kickstarter Project Analysis

I am a huge fan of the Kickstarter idea yet my previous reservations have not changed: Photojournalism in the Kickstarter vehicle is not sustainable when it acts like it deserves charity.

See what you get from each project per dollar.

For those who want to find ways of getting your photo’s out there in a sustainable way to take advantage of the new media landscape, there is soooo much information one can extrapolate with just this very basic analysis that you can use for yourself. See how easy it is to quantify that seemingly very abstract concept of value, or the lack of it for the public.

For those others who want to carry on living the life inside the frame and are too busy composing important images with epoch defining stories, the parent trust fund, grants, portfolio reviews, galleries, editorials and photo prizes are still options open to you.

Subjective editorial curatorial opinion runs the photojournalism industry and I prefer the more democratic world of measuring effectiveness directly on audiences.

Don’t get me wrong, editorial work it is important but only as a critical part of quality control given artistic value is a very important differentiator indeed. So many other things are so much more important – just ask your agent/agency as I am sure they do this kind of basic business analysis all the time.

And if they don’t then you know what you need to do!

( 🙂 Any chance of a business development 6 month placement at Magnum??? 🙂 )

  • Excellent. Turn your stories/photos into craft objects that have keepsake value. It’s possible in journalism. For example: George Orwell as a journalist (produce editorial = information value) and a writer (produce popular storybooks = keepsake value).

    • ‘Turn your stories/photos into craft objects that have keepsake value.’

      LOVE IT.

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