For a while Magnum have been running a series of (highly priced) weekend seminars. Next month they come to my home town of Birmingham. I just had a look at the list of speakers on their website (always a good bunch), but see if you can spot what’s missing?

Tony Bell – Picture Editor of the Observer

Rhiannon Reid – Client Engagement Manager of 24 Productions

Peter James – Head of Photographs of Birmingham Central Library

Dewi Lewis – of Dewi Lewis Publishing

Fiona Rogers – Cultural and Education Coordinator, Magnum Photos

Laurence Watts – Head of International Picture Desk of ActionAid

That’s right, not a single working photographer speaking at an event about working as a photographer. Surely somewhere in the back of their dusty cupboard they can pull out a photographer willing to talk about how they make a living from taking photos?

Apparently not.

In the blurb Magnum states:

‘With access to key individuals working in editorial, commercial, cultural and publishing industries, Magnum is well placed to advise the next generation of photographers.

I’m told that they didn’t look at any portfolios this year. Infact the only person they added to the agency is dead.



Just something else worth throwing into the pot.  Earlier this year Rhubarb Rhubarb also ran a professional seminar for photogs in Birmingham.  The cost was £10 if you were local or £20 if you were from out of town and brave enough to come to brum. That’s at the cheapest tickets were THIRTY times cheaper than Magnums events. The line-up was bloody good too …

With speakers including London based agent David Birkitt, mobile media maker Christian Payne, photographers Ed Clark and Michael Donald, and David White of DuckRabbit,


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