….by Post-It note.

Post it 1 © John MacPherson (and © unknown Post-it artist)

I came across this early Saturday morning in a deserted industrial estate as I drove through on a forage for Land Rover parts. The van was parked up and locked with no sign of life anywhere. Post-Its lay scattered all around: as their glue had softened in the damp they had fallen and were now earthbound. A few had fluttered like blowing autumn leaves some distance along the street, glowing brightly and strangely beautiful on this dank morning.

Post it 2 © John MacPherson (and © unknown Post-it artist)

As my brain started to see beyond the riot of colour, my shape recognition abilities kicked in – and a smiley face and what appears to be a pink fist with a pair of pink fingers giving the V emerged. And in the middle of one of the eyes was a short, but blunt message:

“You should of let us borrow your pen pal HA HA HA”

I came back an hour later, and the Post-its were all gone, as if they had never existed.

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