Magnum Force

“I noted here last spring that a gaggle of photographers from Magnum had descended on Rochester and dispersed around town to pursue individual projects. They were nearly departed before I knew about the enterprise. You can read about their stay here at The New Yorker (work up from the bottom – the comment from Alec Soth I lifted above comes from the initial entry).

   *Let me be very clear. These are fabulously talented photographers.  And everything I know about the individuals involved suggests they are men and women of conviction and integrity. That includes Paolo Pellegrin. 

My complaints here are not about their intentions or talent. These reflections instead are about the practice of photography, the conventions that dominate the field. If the Magnum crew, with all the resources and prestige at their disposal, misses the  story, I fear what less talented, more mercenary photographers might do in analogous circumstances.”


Jim Johnson commenting on Magnum’s visit to Rochester, NY.

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