The Magnificent One: Philip Jones Griffiths by Donna Ferrato and Emmanuel Trousse

I haven’t had a chance to watch this yet because I’m training a group of people in London, but I’m going to pop it up because I’m sure a lot of duckrabbits will be interested.

Legendary anti-war photographer and author of Viet Nam Inc, Philip Jones Griffiths, gives the interview of a lifetime only 48 hours before he died in at his home in London on March 19, 2008. With a voice impassioned by courage and enriched by his legacy of love for people and for taking real pictures of real people, Philip imparts his final words of wisdom on the subject of photography and sexuality.
Rare interviews with iconic photographers and people who loved him bring the most eloquent and clear headed anti-war photographer back to life. This movie is an hommage to being real in a time when documentary photography has fallen off the pedestal. This is the way and these are the words that matter.

Author — duckrabbit

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