Not good enough for my son.

When his newborn son Sol had to have his arm amputated at just 10 days old, his Dad Ben Ryan knew he had to do something about it...


A Positive Life

Daphine's Mum and Grandma are keeping a secret from her. What she hears when she eavesdrops is about to change her life forever.

The International HIV/AIDS Alliance

Higher, further, faster…

Angelo is an aeronautical engineer who likes leaping from mile-high cliff faces and flying as high, as fast and as far as is humanly possible. He's designing a wingsuit to break height, speed and distance world records...

The ERA Foundation


On 9/11 Adam Deen drove the streets of north London celebrating. For Adam, an Islamic extremist, the time was coming for PAYBACK.

Institute for Strategic Dialogue

Double Joy

Dr Hilary Rono is changing lives by preventing and treating avoidable blindness in some of the remotest parts of Kenya.

The Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Trust

Someone To Kill

As the twin towers collapsed on 9/11 neo-Nazi Daniel Gallant prepared to strike the first blows in a racial holy war.

Institute of Strategic Dialogue


Jimmy Shahinian is WANTED. Dead or alive.


Fast Boat Builder – Born to Engineer

No A-Levels, no problem. Lewis is an apprentice boat-builder making fast RIBs for a living and earning world-class qualifications on the way.

The ERA Foundation

Born To Engineer – Alice Martin

Alice Martin may be young, but with her passion for aeronautical engineering - she's set for a flying start.

ERA Foundation

Some Father’s Son

Billy McCurrie was 12-years old when his father was murdered by the IRA. At 16, consumed by anger, he went out to find his revenge.

Institute for Strategic Dialogue

“What Did All This Have To Do With God?”

Two agents knock on Christianne Boudreau's door and change her life forever.

Institute of Strategic Dialogue

That Time

Momina lives with HIV in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Despite her hard experiences she's a strong, ambitious and loving mother.

International HIV/AIDS Alliance

Be Like Water

After fleeing the war in Somalia Fowzia is forced to grow up with the challenge of being seen as 'different'.

Institute for Strategic Dialogue

Born to Engineer – Kim Cave-Ayland

”When you tell people you make stars for a living, their heads turn and their mouths open.” Dr Kim Cave-Ayland

Institution for Engineering and Technology

Born To Engineer – Adrian Westaway

For design engineer Adrian Westaway, the best inventions need something more - a little bit of magic…

Royal Commission Exhibition of 1851

Strictly Beza

How do you get messages about safe sex and HIV prevention out to young people in a country where more than half the population is under the age of 24

International HIV/AIDS Alliance

See For Yourself

What happens when you take an Oxfam supporter on a trip to Zimbabwe to see one of their projects? Oxfam hired duckrabbit to find out.


“Dirty Gypsy, Die”

"Dirty Gypsy Die" tells the story of one Hungarian Roma family whose village has become a symbol of the hatred of Roma that is spreading across Hungary.


Born to Engineer – Andrew Robertson

Andrew Robertson is a music signal processing engineer on a mission to liberate live bands from the tyranny of the click track...

The ERA Foundation