Iceland is Growing New Forests for the First Time in 1000 Years EUFORGEN

The landscape of Iceland has changed enormously over the last thousand years. Rapid deforestation to make way for farming has resulted in massive soil erosion that puts the island at risk for desertification. Today, the Icelandic Forest Service has taken on the mammoth task of bringing back the woodlands. This short film, a mentored production with Euforgen, shows more about how their efforts are working to benefit Iceland’s economy and ecology through forestry.

Featured as part of the National Geographic Short Film Showcase, the film has reached over 3 million viewers and has put the Icelandic Forest Service on the map. Extensive coverage of the issue in international traditional and online media as a direct result of this film has resulted in extra funding for afforestation and increased awareness of this important environmental situation.


Ewa Hermanowicz from the European Forest Institute had this to say:

“Duckrabbit were instrumental in framing the story of the film, and were able to adapt to changing circumstances on arrival in Iceland. Their expertise in interviewing enabled us to draw out important, more subtle nuances that give the film its strength. Overall, I¬†appreciated the friendly and fun atmosphere they created while filming and am beyond pleased with the result.”.

A mentored production with EUFORGEN

Director: Ewa Hermanowicz

Videography: Oliver Sharpe, Benjamin Chesterton

Editing: Jonny Bark, Benjamin Chesterton