That’s what the British barber used to say after finishing a cut.  For those not in the know, it translates as

“Are you planning on getting laid this weekend and would would you like some condoms?”

Since my Mum and Dad were too poor to send me to the barber shop I never got asked this question.

Those kinds or barber shop are mostly history now, but one or two remain. In Birmingham we have the legendary Di Matteo’s.

Ellie Gibbon is one of duckrabbit’s students. This is her first photofilm and it’s a cracking effort

‘Di Matteo’ is a barber shop located in Sparkhill, Birmingham and for 55 years owner Vincenzo Di Matteo has flavoured the local highstreet with his unique Italian charm and character!

A Photofilm Production by Ellie Gibbons
Photography & Audio by Ellie Gibbons

7 responses to “Photofilm, ‘Anything For The Weekend, Sir?’”

  1. diederik says:

    Duck, it’s really interesting that the audio would do perfectly fine without the photographs as well, the audio is really leading very strongly. You could say this is radio with pictures, don’t you think?

    • duckrabbit says:

      Its an interesting perspective. Ellie has never made any radio before, but I guess because that is the world I am from I teach that kind of approach.

      Both from a radio and a photofilm point of view I would cut the audio a bit tighter … but I really enjoy the laughter in this photofilm. Its a bit cheeky. We don’t see/hear enough of this … I live neat the barbers and will definitely be getting my hair cut there!

  2. Valerie says:


  3. Hi Ellie,
    Congratulations! I like that you have given this barber and his shop a voice. I love the interviews and photos together, although I know that you can make stronger images with more time. The barbershop for us back in Brooklyn, NY has always been a place to discuss family, relationships, politics and sports. It is kind of like going to the shrink but it costs a lot less. I still go to my barber shop (the barbers are from Puerto Rico and Cuba) and they too offer coffee, soft drinks, and music and also to see the World Cup. You keep on Keepin’ on with your work. Its important to keep your local neighborhood traditions alive, especially in this age of interruption which we live today. with respect, Joseph

  4. Ian Forsyth says:

    Very nicely done. I love this type of story, often overlooked by many, but really interesting and every so often, as here, a little gem of a story is found that has been sitting there on the ‘doorstep’ waiting to be found. Keep searching.


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