Has Steve McCurry proved himself to be a godlike *******, Nachtwey style? According to the ever brilliant APHOTOEDITOR

Old schooler McCurry goes for the craigslist classified ad seeking an intern who is “highly motivated” with a “proven track record of excellence.” This intern must be proficient in “retouching in Photoshop” and will work 9am to 6pm, 5 days a week for 3 months unless Steve is out of the office in which case you will be working on the weekends too. The position is unpaid (apply here). 


Sod the intern job (could it possibly be a hoax?), for just over $10000 you can take an eleven day workshop in Myanmar with Steve and 13 others, (flights not included) where according to one past workshop particpant you can learn how to make kids cry.

‘Perhaps a seasoned photographer has met so many people that for him, the photograph is the only thing that matters while for me, the humanity of the moment does as well. Steve for me is a genius with what he does but he does it with a sadistic side that I don’t understand or want. I watched on a few occasions where he intentionally made children cry to watch the transition from happiness to sadness and for me, it was something that I would not like to do or want to have done to me. Another participant commented that Steve uses people like “tables and chairs” and that perhaps the look of the Afghan Girl was one of disdain.’

Answers on a postcard and send them to Magnum.

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