Competition: Please fill in the missing word

Has Steve McCurry proved himself to be a godlike *******, Nachtwey style? According to the ever brilliant APHOTOEDITOR

Old schooler McCurry goes for the craigslist classified ad seeking an intern who is “highly motivated” with a “proven track record of excellence.” This intern must be proficient in “retouching in Photoshop” and will work 9am to 6pm, 5 days a week for 3 months unless Steve is out of the office in which case you will be working on the weekends too. The position is unpaid (apply here). 


Sod the intern job (could it possibly be a hoax?), for just over $10000 you can take an eleven day workshop in Myanmar with Steve and 13 others, (flights not included) where according to one past workshop particpant you can learn how to make kids cry.

‘Perhaps a seasoned photographer has met so many people that for him, the photograph is the only thing that matters while for me, the humanity of the moment does as well. Steve for me is a genius with what he does but he does it with a sadistic side that I don’t understand or want. I watched on a few occasions where he intentionally made children cry to watch the transition from happiness to sadness and for me, it was something that I would not like to do or want to have done to me. Another participant commented that Steve uses people like “tables and chairs” and that perhaps the look of the Afghan Girl was one of disdain.’

Answers on a postcard and send them to Magnum.

Author — duckrabbit

duckrabbit is a production company formed by radio producer/journalist Benjamin Chesterton and photographer David White. We specialize in digital storytelling.

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  1. John says:

    It’s worth clicking through to aphotoeditor’s blog, just to read the application letter than a would-be intern has sent to McCurry.

    Years ago, in my misspent youth, a watched A World Famous Photographer at work. Not pretty. Fortunately, I soon met An Only Slightly Less Famous Photographer who was a fine human being. One needs role models.

  2. Tom White says:

    Wow, 3 months of 45 hour working weeks unpaid? If that’s not a hoax that’s shocking. I once got paid a decent day rate working scanning and retouching for an amazing journalist and fine gentleman who had a pre digital archive he needed digitising. And if I tell you his name you’ll say “who?”. Hardly a world renowned journalist backed by a big organisation. I think he was paying me pretty well for what I was doing, and he was a nice guy, so guess what? I worked hard for him and made sure the scans were tip top, the dust was meticulously cleaned and the retouching was careful and complete. Because I didn’t feel exploited. And did I mention his photographs were amazing?

    As someone pointed out on the aphotoeditor post “Any business that cannot make a profit off a $10/hour employee shouldn’t be in business. Think about that.”

    Internships and apprenticeships should give you something in return. It may not necessarily be cash (How about full room & board and pro for example – I could go for that…), but it should be something. There’s a word for when people are using other’s skills to their own ends without remuneration.

  3. Seb Dryer says:

    Sign of the times?

    One of the best photographers of all time asks people to work full-time for him for free. – Lame. McCurry should pay someone for that much time and effort. I think it is a good thing he was called out on it.

    A guy who is “famous” for posting links to other photographers’ work feels he has enough cred to bag on a man who has dedicated his life to making some of the finest images ever. No one gave McCurry anything. His hard work and the quality of his images have inspired a generation of photographers. I think TTP has posted at least three times bagging on Steve. Of course his workshops cost more…he is Steve McCurry. Win a couple awards or get a couple of NG covers and you can charge more too. If one or two participants were disappointed in your tours does that mean your whole deal is crap? Should you be slandered all over the web by other photographers just looking to promote their tours over yours?

    My point is successful photographers should help/encourage/not take advantage of younger photographers, and having a popular blog shouldn’t and doesn’t translate into being anything but that.

    Both are just a bad vibe.

    • duckrabbit says:

      This is not a sign of the times! McCurry has been putting out the same advert for many years!

      And to complain that someone is flagging illegal employment just seems daft.

  4. Seb Dryer says:

    I’m not complaining that someone flagged him…please read my post…..”I think it was a good thing he was called out” “McCurry should pay someone for that much time and effort.” However, I think its lame that TTP and so many others jump all over it without knowing all the facts.

    • duckrabbit says:

      I know Seb. I appreciate your comment. I just thought you contradicted yourself. If people don’t say something how can anything change?

  5. Seb Dryer says:

    Well not sure how I contradicted myself…always stated that Steve should pay someone for that much work. I think everyone would agree on that. But bagging on his business to promote your own is lame, which some people obviously did. I think if someone is going to flag Steve for not paying his interns, than someone should flag bloggers for making slanderous posts. Anyway….let’s all think positive thoughts. Cheers

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