The Resurgence of Hate Groups in the USA

Long term readers of duckrabbit will know we’re a big fan of Bruce Gilden.  Love him or hate him, he gets in peoples faces and never fails to elicit a response.

Given some recent posts, and responses on duckrabbit, I guess its kind of apt that Slate are running a series of his photos about the resurgence of extremist groups in America.

Actually I think that we probably see too many photos like these coming out of America? There’s a danger that Americans from the Southern states become stereotyped in a way that can only re-inforce what problems, what alienation already exists.

duckrabbit was brought up on a estate from which many people didn’t excape. Full of ‘white trash’; the invisable underclass living in poverty in Britain. Alienated, angry, confused, unwanted, unloved and then turning to hate.

We can judge but we should also try and understand.

I’d be very interested in hearing your thoughts on Gilden’s set.


Stan B.

Brilliant, sad and SCARY!

Author — duckrabbit

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  1. Stan B. says:

    Brilliant, sad and SCARY!

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