It’s work Jim, but not as we know it…

Superstar snapper Mr. Jimmy Nachtwey needs some unpaid help. Maybe your unpaid help. For three months. You’ve got to be skilled mind…
no ham fisted gimp grapplers needed.
Pop over here to see the qualifications you need to have (being an idiot is somehow lacking from the list). It’s quite a list. Being minted isn’t on there either, although it is obviously a prerequisite.
Thing is, I’m sure he’ll have no problem finding someone to exploit.

here’s a wee quote from the big man: (from War Photographer, 2001)

” The only way I can justify my
role is to have respect for the other persons predicament. The
extent to which I do that is the extent to which I become accepted
by the other; and to that extent, I can accept myself.”

For God’s sake pay your staff JimBob. What would your mum say?

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  1. Unpaid internships are essentially affirmative action programs for the already privileged. You may as well hang out a sign that reads “Poor Kids Need Not Apply.”

    Nachtwey is far from the only offender and photography by no means the only industry to rely on unpaid internships. They’re all over the show — business, government, non-profits, NGOs….

    Unpaid internships are especially shameful when they’re attached to individuals — such as Nachtwey — and institutions that claim to be working in the interest of social justice. You’re right to call him out.

  2. duckrabbit says:

    Completely agree John.

  3. Stan B. says:

    LOVE that first sentence, John.

    As for Mr. Nachtwey- I long ago learned to separate the artist from the work.

    • duckrabbit says:

      Stan, you make a very good point.

      Nobody should get too hot under the collar about this. It’s sad but not especially surprising.

      The best artists are often by nature the least aware of others. They have to be very focused.

  4. mark page says:

    I work for you Mr Jim…..

  5. Daniel says:

    I’ll admit, I have no idea how real people can afford to take 3 months off and play with Jim and still afford to pay rent/mortgage etc. What John said is true, it’s for the trustafarian kids to enjoy.

    What might be more interesting is if Jim decided to help some underprivileged kid, on whom he’s made a fair wedge from taking images of and telling their stories, and give them a chance to change their life.

    Then again, we photographers don’t like doing that do we?

  6. Hey Duckrabbit, you you pay the duckrabbit trainees? I hope you do….


  7. davidwhite says:

    Antonio…we’ve had a high level conference, and we have decided, that just this once, you, and you alone, can come to duckrabbit towers and work for us for three months, for sod all. How are your software skills? I hope you know your icc profiles from your bbc channels or else you’ll be out on your ear. We will not be extending this wonderful offer to anyone else, so please don’t ask.

  8. It’s awful Antonio. they make us cook, clean and carry their equipment around for them like golf caddies. at night we go to sleep hungry, chained to a radiator on an uncarpeted concrete floor. In Birmingham.

  9. duckrabbit says:

    I was thinking of signing up Ciara .. until you mentioned Birmingham!

  10. Daniel says:

    yeah the cooking and cleaning lark is ok, but BIRMINGHAM!!! come on, even Mugabe won’t stoop that low

  11. David White says:

    I had that Mugabe in the back of the cab once. Didn’t pay. Bastard.

  12. ben roberts says:

    oi! leave birmingham alone!

  13. davidwhite says:

    Are you talking to yourself?

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