Karail slum, Dhaka, Bangladesh. Morning of Eid, 2009.

I thought I would do the mess around (thanks Ray) with the blog a bit. Whack a bit of real life in there, make you valuable viewers work your finger a bit. Playing with perspective if you like.

Always a good thing, perspective.

This is a collection of photos that I caught one morning on our last day in the amazing country that is Bangladesh. It happened to be the morning of Eid, and Ben and I were chasing down a particular story in Karail slum, slap in the middle of Dhaka and the biggest in Bangladesh. It is absolutely full of people displaced due to land loss. That morning was magical. Most every child was dressed to the nines, resplendent in the cheapest colours and most violent plastics imaginable. It was glorious, such a joy. I can’t tell you how much of a shithole that place is on a physical level ( there is a clue in the last pic if you scroll down) but so full of life and exuberance it is virtually overwhelming.

The combination however of the unique people that are Bangladeshis and the excitement that is Eid (where everyone has to try to wear something new) made for a precious couple of hours. I just wish we could have spent some more time there capturing little tales, but we had a story to chase and also had to return to Blighty later that day.

So..back to perspective. Where were we?

Karail slum, Dhaka, Bangladesh, morning of Eid, 2009.

Karail slum, Dhaka, Bangladesh, morning of Eid, 2009.

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  1. Antonio Jaén says:

    Terrific pictures, beautiful portraits. Love them! Thanks

  2. duckrabbit says:

    The best post ever on the duckrabbit blog?

    Hard to argue …

  3. 1) Beautiful photos.

    2) I love the interaction with the subjects, the people Karail.

    3) The photos show me something that I didn’t know, instead of reinforcing things that I thought I knew.


  4. davidwhite says:

    Wow, thanks John. 3 is the magic number 🙂

  5. Val says:

    well David… you should do the mess around lots more. Gorgeous pictures.

  6. davidwhite says:

    Why thankyou young Valerie 🙂

  7. love em David, so vibrant
    now, where can i get me some of those green sunglasses

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