Proof that we just don’t give a shit about climate change?

Oxfam have billed it as possibly the most important meeting in history. And it probably is, until the next one.

We are of course talking about the Copehagen Climate talks.

But after a week of, well not a lot, do people care?

Take a look at David’s pictures in the post below. All snapped in a couple of hours.  Kids are great aren’t they?  Pretty much wherever you go in the world they’ll give you a smile and try and engage you.

As David writes many of these are kids who have been forced to go and live in slums after their homes have been washed away.  The truth is that’s something that has been happening in Bangladesh ever since people started to live there because its such a fragile place. No doubt though that storms are getting more frequent. The rate at which land is washed away has to be seen to be believed.  Actually I did see it and I’m not really sure I do believe it. It was that mind mashing.

All that is to say I just flicked up GOOGLE NEWS. It’s a site that tracks which stories are making headway on the net; a fairly accurate indication of what people are reading.  Guess what?  In their headlines not a single mention of Copenhagen.

Picture 43

Author — duckrabbit

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  1. davidwhite says:

    The ‘wonderful’ Daily Express has published a moronic piece entitled “100 reasons why global warming is natural”.
    Good old (note no punctuation expressing my disdain) New Scientist has responded by debunking the first 50..
    take a look on their great site. I’m sure they will rip apart the next fifty too.

    But, generally,..I think a huge percentage of the poulation don’t give a shit.They’re too scared to, too thick, in denial. Also, in the scheme of things, they’re alright…it just means they can sit out in the garden a bit longer of an evening getting pissed on lambrusco.

    Can you get pissed on lambrusco?

  2. JonathanJK says:

    As somebody said on slashdot: “I didn’t see it coming. They didn’t mention it once on American Idol.” – thetoadwarrior.

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