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Is anyone else getting a buzz about Ciara Leemings project to document the many families in the North losing their homes to compulsory purchase? Sometimes it needs to happen to regenerate areas, although I’d be confident with the sums of money swilling around in regeneration programmes that not all the decisions are taken for the right reasons.

At some point this will make a cracking website and gallery.

Street Fighters – Derker/Elijah Debnam from ciara leeming on Vimeo.

Widower Elijah Debnam, 89, does not want to leave his home of 54 years in Derker, Oldham, but a Compulsory Purchase Order is going to force him out to make way for flats.
Part of my Street Fighters series.
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Author — duckrabbit

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  1. Daniel says:

    That it will, the whole project would be fantastic as a big gallery installation

  2. ciara says:

    thanks guys, that’s what I’d like to happen. I have a load of them done but need to keep up the momentum…

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