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Have you checked out the daily blog Someone Once Told Me?

It’s a collection of photographs where the subjects are holding up a phrase someone once told them, that has somehow affected their life. I included it in this list of collaborative photography projects, and was in it last year too (warning, rude words).

Well here is today’s SOTM, by a girl in Los Angeles. The picture doesn’t say too much. But click on the image, and have a listen to the audio which accompanies it.

I still maintain good quality, intimate, close up audio grabs you like nothing else. Her pauses, hesitations, umms and errs, add such emotional weight to her admission and tell us much more about who she is than a picture can do.

No-one ever pulled up in their driveway and stayed in the car to look at a really good photograph, but they’ll do it if there’s something amazing on the radio.

Still, arresting audio is harder to come across than a virgin in Los Angeles. But why? It sounds to me like the girl in the above picture recorded her story on an iPhone. Apps like Audioboo mean we can all start recording our own audio stories and sharing them with the world.

Mary Hamilton‘s a journalist, who has just started recording a daily AudioBoo on her way home from work. Nothing in particular, no real theme, just what’s on her mind as she potters home after work. Lovely idea.

Imagine if we all started recorded our own audio diaries? How many great stories would emerge from the ether?


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  1. duckrabbit says:

    Wow … thanks for introducing this to me Adam … really interesting stuff.

  2. Antonio says:

    Forgive my ignorance and my lack of understanding but I have problems to get what the sentence really means. Leaving definitions aside (I know them), what is the significance of “I’d slow down” (conditional) if the sentence is “everytime you cum” (present).

    I know this comment seems to be a joke but to be honest it is more a curiosity from a non-English-native speaker. Anyone to help so I can slow down on this?? 😉

    Besides this grammatic doubt, the idea of SOTM is an excellent and original one. I should try to do one with: “Stop breaking my balls Antonio or you’ll lose yours”

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