My mate Adam has a new book out

I’ve read a few reviews of NEXT GENERATION JOURNALIST (Kobre Guide and elsewhere) and they all say there’s plenty of inspiration to be found on the page.

I did offer Adam to write something about it on duckrabbit but he’s too humble, or busy jogging.¬† However he has agreed to come and give a talk¬† at a seminar on multimedia storytelling in London on June 19th (you can book a place on the Rhubarb-Rhubarb website)

Author — duckrabbit

duckrabbit is a production company formed by radio producer/journalist Benjamin Chesterton and photographer David White. We specialize in digital storytelling.

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  1. Bob Krist says:

    Tried to buy this book, but the site wouldn’t let me! Is it still active? cheers, Bob

  2. Hi Bob

    The website’s been occasionally disappearing with server trouble, but the book is definitely still available – please let me know if you have any more problems! (feedback[at]nextgenerationjournalist[dot]com)

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