Out Of Sight (photofilm)

One of the great things about teaching on the Masters in Photojournalism at the London College of Communication is that I come into contact with some very talented and switched on people. Many of my students, with a lot of sweat and more than a little luck, will go on to do great things.Hannah Lucy Jones is one of them.

She’s too nuts to create boring or pretentious work.

I’ve been sharing this photofilm during many of my recent¬†three day workshops. ¬†People love it.

Take less than two minutes to see what I mean. Really do. (it’s worth knowing that the voice of the man singing is Geoff Long, the man featured in the photofilm)


Thanks to Geoff Long

Author — duckrabbit

duckrabbit is a production company formed by radio producer/journalist Benjamin Chesterton and photographer David White. We specialize in digital storytelling.

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