Photo gives lie to Bristol City Council’s Park disposal reason..

As some of you may know, Bristol City Council want to sell of part of St.Anne’s Park for housing, as part of their Green Space plan. That would be the same Green Space Plan that wants to turn green spaces into bricks and tarmac. That’s why my lad chained himself to a tree when he first heard about their proposal. I am trying other methods of protest. The two main reasons the council think they can flog part of the park are 1: To increase surveillance of the park to counter anti social behaviour issues. 2: The part they want to sell is ‘underused’, and therefore of “low quality”. Both reasons are nonsense.

In response to 1: the park is already surrounded on three sides by houses already looking out onto the park, and the new houses would add nothing to surveillance. More importantly, through a FOI request, local residents have heard from the police that they themselves do not consider there to be any asb issues in the Park. They have had just 6 calls, not attendances, in the last year. The number of incidents has been going down and down over the years, due to the respect and love people have for the park, not least because of the wonderful playground the RESIDENTS funded. Local residents certainly do not feel there are any asb issues. But why bother asking them in your ‘consultation’ process? The same invisible process that decided point 2:

2: The council have decided that the land they want to sell is of “Low Quality” through lack of use. Again they reached that revelation through, er, well, nobody knows. Their processes are totally opaque, and seemingly arbitary. No-one local knows anyone consulted. We have another FOI request in with the council asking how they reached that decision. They have not responded yet. Whilst waiting for their response I decided to try to use my camera to disprove their theory.

I chose a random hour on Saturday. I wanted to show how much use that corner of the park got in an hour. No-one knew that I was doing this, so I cannot be accused of engineering subjects in the shot. I set my camera on a tripod, and set it to take a pic every 10 seconds. So, 360 pics over the hour.

I hid under a tree reading a book so as not to attract attention. Unfortunately a black dog liked my tripod, hence the black area at the bottom…

I then merged all pics into one. The resulting pic shows the use over the hour. I think it speaks for itself. I would like a higher res version, but my computer fell over as it is churning the 360 pics. It certainly shows how well used the space is.

I am gladly giving anyone and everyone permission to put the above image all over. Please. Especially good would be if you could send it to the parks dept at Bristol City Council:

Cheers m’dears.

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  1. duckrabbit says:

    That is SOOO cool … mind you, you could have done a better job in photoshop.

  2. Ruth says:

    oh no, another sorry tale about green land.
    My friends live there.
    And I also live in Bristol – am pretty depressed to hear this… Will twitter it. Right. Now.

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