John Harrington V Daniel Morel

It must be deeply comforting for JF Leroy that he has been joined in his attack on Daniel Morel by John Harrington (Photo Business News). John has come up with an argument that even the legal team representing AFP/Getty didn’t present in court (maybe Getty should sack them and hire John).   Then he comes to the conclusion that

Morel is out of line

I think it’s really wonderful that in this age of the internet somebody sat in Washington can give a lecture to a photographer about what he should have done the night an earthquake struck killing a couple of hundred thousand of his people.

On another note below is a picture I found on TWITPIC this morning. Amazing co-incidence, it looks exactly the same as one I came across on John’s website.

(Picture removed, I’m sure John gets the point!)

Seeing it’s on Twitpic and John tells me that it’s been stripped of its protection, I tipped Getty off. Thought they might like it for their archive.

John, any questions?

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Discussion (7 Comments)

  1. laurent says:

    @duckrabbitblog : i think john has no question, john just understood : “The photo you were looking for no longer exists” 😀

  2. Iamnotasuperstarphotographer says:

    What a smile… what an image. duckrabbit… how much do I pay you for it… name your price as I am not a member of Twitpic or Twitter… it would look great on my wall.

    How much, how much , how much!

  3. andrew says:

    Duckrabbit, you were right to highlight and challenge Leroy’s depressingly dumb contribution to this debate, but this guy? Honestly, who gives a toss that an obscure small-time PR photographer has no understanding of the challenges faced by Morel in the midst of a massive disaster? It’s best just to ignore him and let him get on with the grinding dullness of taking his cheesy 80s-style portraits of corporate suits.

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