Lundy island

I spotted a bargain. I bought it. I knew they were big, but Jesus Christ. And it’s the small one…’only’ A1.

That sofa is huge….and there is a life size Clone wars warrior standing on the top right, ready to attack ( I think that’s what they do, maybe they just do more cloning or something…anyone know?) THAT shows you how big this thing is. At least 200 feet wide…I told you the sofa was big 😉

I’m in trouble with the missus…..I didn’t tell her I was buying it, which in itself is not a problem, but not telling her that it is the size of

Lundy island is. I’m going to have to be very careful how I let it slip that we will have to share our bedroom with it.

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  1. John James says:

    I’d leave it where it is mate. Fits the sofa like a glove and it would cut down the vibration for sure.

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