The power of the blog.

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  1. Well done Philippa Thomas for embracing the power of social media. Blogs are no longer the enemy of journalism, nor they are run by spotty, anarchist geeks anymore. It is a powerful leveller to a debate. When well-researched and done right, it can amplify an issue a lot further. It takes one good blog post to create a butterfly effect that can affect the mainstream conversations. We have seen that many times on duckrabbitblog.

    I embraced blogging after leaving my job in traditional media over 2 years ago. I re-trained again in multimedia with a bunch of 19-year olds at a local college. I was fascinated with the way the kids put up YouTube videos and commenting on them. For them it’s unthinkable to have a one-way communication medium – unless it’s a book.

    Recently I found myself consulting established editors from traditional print medium and PRs to set up their blogs. One editor told me, “People want more than the reports. Now they want to know I think.”

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