Ever thought about killing the person who leaves dirty cups in the sink?

For me there is always a story under the story in the best photofilms. James Hooker gets this.

Earlier this year I was invited to spend a couple of days with the undergraduates on the photojournalism course at London College of Communication (alongside duckrabbit’s teaching on the Masters course there). I’m not sure if they knew quite how lucky they were to be taught by Roger Hutchings but they were an impressive bunch.

Whilst we are talking about Roger, have you seen his work? Roger is not one of those photographers turned teacher just to make up the bills. He really, really cares about giving the students a decent education. It showed. I found them one of the most intellectually switched on groups I have taught.

One of the talented on students on the course is James Hooker, and not just for having the ability to cycle home after drinking duckrabbit under the table.

I was chuffed to receive a copy of his first photofilm. Chuffed because it showed someone in the class was actually listening!

Thanks James. You made duckrabbit’s day.

(if you want to train with duckrabbit get in touch. All our workshops are currently SOLD OUT but I am thinking of putting on an extra workshop in July around the Birmingham Jazz Festival)

[vimeo width=”700″ height=”464″]http://vimeo.com/23431834[/vimeo]

Author — duckrabbit

duckrabbit is a production company formed by radio producer/journalist Benjamin Chesterton and photographer David White. We specialize in digital storytelling.

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  1. Well done James!!

  2. Ian Forsyth says:

    Just looked through all the pictures on Roger Hutchings’ website……….Amazing work, really. Incredible.

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