OPEN EYE: Call to photographers working on long-term projects

We are looking for new ideas, from the UK and worldwide, to feature in on future series of  Open Eye on the BBC.

If you are a photographer working on an interesting long-term project, ideally living and working in the environment itself, we’d love to hear about it, so please get in touch. We are really open to the subject matter.

We’re looking for both UK based stories for BBC Radio 4 and international ones for the BBC World Service.


Open Eye, a duckrabbit collaboration with the BBC, was launched on the BBC World Service and BBC News online in January 2011, with each documentary reaching around 12 million people.  The programmes, presented by photographers Dalia Khamissy and Joseph Rodriguez have since been broadcast on radio stations right across the USA. Each programme combines a radio documentary with an accompanying photofilm.

Open Eye is a unique cross platform series not about photography, but about the people and the landscapes with which photographers form deep and visceral bonds.

“The series has proved to be one of the most original pieces of documentary journalism the World Service has aired.” Tony Phillips, Senior Commissioner, BBC World Service.

Here’s one of the photofilms we made for the first series:

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