People, skies and workshops

From the top and from left to right we have Patrick, Judica, Chris, Fadili, Blaya, Abraham, Haika, Gervaz and Usu which makes up our wonderful 9 trainees from Tanzania.

I just wanted to share this picture of 9 great people from Tanzania that I got to meet and that can now add duckrabbit trainee onto the end of their names. This is the group of local journalists, photographers and media entrepreneurs who I got the chance to train the duckrabbit way alongside the biggest graffiti wall they could find and courtesy of the British Council in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. They were a wonderful group who really tried hard to pick up the skills they require to go ahead and tell stories about their own country to the rest of the world. You see it’s not just people in the developed west that can tell stories about Africa, Africans can do it to and I really do hope some of this group will go on to produce the stories and ideas that they shared with Georgina and myself during our time with them.

I’m pretty jealous of the skies that duck and rabbit got see whilst filming with Oxfam in Zimbabwe although I will have to say that I saw some pretty spectacular skies myself in Africa too.. Here is one that comes to mind..

The view from a little Cessna plane flying back into Dar es Salaam at sunrise © Mike Lusmore

I know not everyone’s budget can stretch to a quick trip to Africa to enjoy a sky-scape but if that sort of thing floats your boat and your keen to do some duckrabbit training and  you like meeting other people then why not combine all three on The Hinterlands workshop for 2012. Since my return to the UK I have been making calls, sending emails and riding my bike to meetings with everyone involved in the Hinterlands to arrange all of the details for this years wonderful workshop. If Canada is closer to home you can also join us for a workshop at the Contact photography festival.

I popped down to the site in Devon just this weekend and marveled at just how peaceful it really is – no really, and got to see one of the clearest night skies I have seen since last years workshop – including in Africa! So if your into photofilms, big clear skies, peace & quiet, eating great food and the thought of staying in a yurt take a look at this years Hinterlands workshop. We have sold over half of the 15 places so far so if your interested please get in touch sooner rather than later (booking form and contact me here..)and we could be hanging out under a big clear sky sooner than you think.

The skies over The Hinterlands workshop in Devon, May 2011 © David White



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