“I want my children to know all this” – Powerful storytelling by @christian_aid

I first met Christian Aid’s Emma Wigley when she came on one of duckrabbit’s three day photofilm workshops a few years ago. I was impressed with her passion for storytelling and since then she’s gone on to be involved in some very strong ‘multimedia’ projects, particularly STIGMA UNDER THE LENS.

Emma is one of the drivers behind Christian Aids new microsite, In Kony’s Shadow: stories of LRA survivors.  Even if you already know a lot about the LRA the site is well worth ten minutes of your time. The design is great. There is a clarity of purpose rare in NGO attempts at this kind of project with the Brand, Marketing and Fundraising teams at Christian Aid no-where to be seen. Central to the site is an excellent film.

‘Norman Okello was abducted at just 12 years old. Still only a child, he was forced to kill and maim for the LRA. Reunited with his family as a teenager, the former child soldier tells of the constant struggle he faced to hold on to his humanity.’

This is storytelling for grown ups, executed with a lightness that belies the tough subject.  The length of the film will put some off watching. That wouldn’t bother me. The value of a film is the impact it has. Do the maths. One million people times zero impact is worth less than one hundred people times a little impact. Most of these kinds of on-line films work better off the net, in classrooms, gallery spaces, workshops and conferences.

The film was produced by Tom Pietrasik.

Author — duckrabbit

duckrabbit is a production company formed by radio producer/journalist Benjamin Chesterton and photographer David White. We specialize in digital storytelling.

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  1. Catherine Wigley says:

    A shocking story very powerfully told.

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