12 Day all expenses paid film scholarship trip to Kerala with top pro. What’s the catch?

Deal of the century?

Possibly. Probably.

A few years back duckrabbit were invited to Australia to teach the people at travel insurance company World Nomads.  We didn’t want to go. Because way too far. And insurance company. But their Creative Director, Christoper Potter, talked me into it. And I’m glad he did. Because lovely, passionate, kind people. Sincerely.

This year they’ve asked me to be a (paid) judge on their upcoming film scholarship to India.

You could spend many, many thousands of dollars on a film course. Or you could enter and win this scholarship for which you will get:

  1. Free flights.
  2. 12-day all expenses paid trip.
  3. 9-day film mentorship with Brian Rapsey.
  4. 3-day post-production workshop in Kerala with Brian Rapsey.
  5. Smartphone accessories from Nomad Goods.
  6. Audio gear from Rode Microphones.
  7. Travel insurance from World Nomads.

So how do you apply?

Easy. Submit a 3 minute mini-doc and fill out an application form. All details here.

What’s the catch?   The only one from my point of view is that I signed up to being a judge so I can’t enter. Plus I’m pissed they’re not sending me as the pro but I’ll get over it!

In all seriousness this is a great opp.

Let me say one word about what I’ll be looking for as a judge.


That’s it really.

It’s a scholarship so it’s not about being a polished filmmaker.

I want to hear from people who are going to really benefit from the experience. Have a passion for travel. Have a passion for telling stories. And want to contribute something to the community they will be working with.

That could be you. Really. It could. But only if you


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