Hey Charity. Want to get to grips with making unforgettable films? Here’s how.

Anyone who tells you it’s going to be a breeze. Word of warning. They are either blissfully ignorant or pulling your leg.

Filmmaking is hard.

It’s all too easy to set out to conquer YouTube but end up with way too many messages in a bottle lost at social media sea.

Don’t despair. We’re programmed to love stories. And charities have great stories to shout about.

At duckrabbit we’ve been blessed to work with dozens over the years (charities and great stories). But I’ll be honest we’ve had some properly nuts ideas land in our inbox.

Here’s ten eggs and a bale of straw, please make us a Victoria sponge‘. That sort of thing.

Some of those ideas have been starting points for great films. To get there though you need some knowledge and you need a process. That’s where our guide comes in. It’s an essential, step by step guide to making powerful short films, especially aimed at charities, foundations and not for profits.

Great. How much does it cost?

Well years of our pain, sweat and hard won experience, but for you free.

To get a copy just go here. 

And if you know someone who might benefit from the guide please do share it with them.

Finally if you’re wondering if we know what we’re talking about because you haven’t seen a duckrabbit film, here’s one we made for the International HIV/AIDS Alliance (winner of the Golden Radiator award last year). Don’t be put off by the opening. It’s suitable for work.

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