Giant boots and broken watches.

Everything has an end.

This is my Granddad…

He died two winters ago.

This is my Granddads watch…

He put it on every morning. For almost 30 years.

After he died, my mum knowing how much he meant to me presented me with his watch.

Just as he did, I now put it on every morning.


Recently it stopped ticking.

New battery…



It was a reminder.

A loved one. A relationship. A wristwatch… They all have an expiration date. It’s a truth of life. And with this old and overused revelation, some sad news…

I’ll soon be leaving duckrabbit

…Everything has an end.


Five years! One sixth of my life so far.  It’s been one hell of a journey.

We’ve had ups.

A kid sits atop the Great Wall – photography Oliver Sharpe


Don’t jump Oli! Goðafoss Waterfall in Iceland – photography Benjamin Chesterton





…meanwhile somewhere in Siberia… – photography Benjamin Chesterton




Sandford St Martin Award runners up (Pete made us wear suits)

A lot of laughs.

Me and Rajib filming in Mekele, Ethiopia – photography Benjamin Chesterton

Even some tears.

A lot of these things will continue with the family I have found here. But not the editing! You can’t make me edit anymore Benjamin!!! But seriously I hope we will continue to work together on projects well in to the future.

It’s amazing to think how much I have learnt. From a young man, wet behind the ears, to a confident professional film maker. I will carry on making films and striving to reach the high standard that everyone at duckrabbit is proud of.  Amongst the many things I will take with me is how we always put people first. It sounds simple and maybe obvious but what’s more important than that! Life is too short and playing with cameras too unimportant in comparison. Most of all I will miss the comradery and support that makes film making a bit less daunting and a lot more fun.

I couldn’t have hoped for more patient teachers, loyal friends and loving people to share these past years and adventures with. I’m sure we will laugh together for many more to come. It’s a sad moment, but also an exciting one as I start out on a new adventure.

The highlights of the past years are too many to recount but here are some personal favourites of mine:

Seeing a film smash it with over 600,000 views on Nat Geo. (childhood dream come true)

Riding a train from Moscow to Beijing and stopping in one of the most beautiful and peaceful places I have ever encountered. (The smell of peppermint tea still sends me right back to that train)

Aryabal, Terelj National Park, Mongolia – photo Benjamin Chesterton

Finally beating Benjamin and Pete at a board game.

Randomly stumbling across the biggest boot in the world haha

Pizza and pint night.

The privilege of teaching so many wonderful people over the years.

2 day MiniDoc Workshop in London

Walking up to a waterfall in Iceland with a buddy, a bottle of whiskey and a drone (Whiskey only opened post flight…of course)

Hengifoss Waterfall, Iceland – Photo Benjamin Chesterton

Thank you my friends. This is farewell not goodbye…


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